Masonjoany powder

Masonjoany facial mask
Botanical: Santalina madagascariensis

Properties: anti-aging Masonjoany, Malagasy name for the Sandalwood Madagascar.
Stumps and roots contain a fragrant volatile oil. Santalina madagascariensis tree grows in many different places and in very localized areas in Madagascar.
In its native habitat, the tree is usually found in rich soils along rivers and in mixed woodlands.

 Face mask
 Beauty treatment
 Oily face
 Blemish spot due to sun damage
 Black head
 Skin aging spot
 UV protection

The Masonjoany powder mixed with Indian nut oil or just water to make ointments that are applied to the face.
This is a very common cosmetic product in the north and west of the island of Madagascar.
The Masonjoany can be in form of twigs to scrape on a stone in order to obtain a powder that must be mixed with water and applied quickly on the face. It dries fast. These beauty masks have protective qualities against the sun and heat. It can also be used as cream to erase dark spots on face. Once dry, it crumbles and then gently rub on the face without rinsing as a natural foundation.
Apply on the entire face or just to treat a blemish due to aging or sun damage.
Masonjoany mask is used as cosmetic. Applied artistic way, it is very wide used beauty treatment.

Traditionally used by women to protect from sun damage, beauty treatment

Contra-indications: None known

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