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Once you ask us to process an order, you agree to all the terms outlined in our Terms & Conditions and Shipping Policies sections. You are responsible for the use or misuse of any product purchased from Nuday Aroma ( We are not responsible for end products if do not turn out as you expected. Essential oils and vegetable oils or any products of Nuday Aroma ( are not to be used undiluted on the skin and must be kept away from children, the elderly and pets. Photos on our site are representative of the products in general, but may not exactly portray the exact products currently in stock including color or texture. Please place your order on our secure website. Please create an account and then save your Wish List so you do not lose its contents should there be a problem during checkout.


ORDER: All orders must be placed from our website. NOTE: S&H quoted by our cart is always an estimate, we reserve the right to charge the card on file for any balance due for S&H, and we will not ship until all S&H charges are paid in full. Please review our Shipping Policies in more detail.

CANCELLATIONS: Are not allowed, once an order is placed and shipped it cannot be cancelled. Your card will be charged for any amount due us. Please make sure that you intend to place an order before you enter your credit card information on our site and submit your order. Products are not sent to customers on approval, they are sent based on the order placed on our site and on the terms to which the customer agreed during checkout.


ADDITIONS/CHANGES TO ORDERS: We do not accept changes to orders, this includes additions or deletions. Please place a second order which will ship separately, we do not combine shipments.

BOTTLING: We bottle our oils in amber bottle unless it is a wholesale order which is in plastic jars of 5 Gal.

WHOLESALE ITEMS: Wholesale offers discounted prices. Send us a request for the wholesale request form.

CATALOGUE: We do not have a paper catalogue; everything we offer is on our site.

DEBIT CARD PURCHASES: We are not responsible for any bank charges you may incur because of purchases made on our site. It is always a good idea when making an online purchase with a debit card to check your bank account in a day or two to verify the transaction went through correctly.

ORDERS: If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not the first order went thru, please email us and we will reply during business hours. Since we do not accept order cancellations, if you place more than one order (even if they are identical orders) all orders will ship without further notice to you.

INVOICES: Are not included with our shipments. In less than a minute after an order is placed online our system automatically emails you a copy of the order. If you provided a correctly-spelled email address, the emailed confirmation should be promptly received by you. Please save and print a copy of the order detail for your taxes, we will not provide copies of invoices at tax time and this is why we provide a copy the moment an order is placed. Our cart provides order histories once you log into your account that is where you may obtain previous copies of invoices.

LOCAL ORDERS: We are not open to the public, all orders placed will ship.

MISLABELED PRODUCTS: If on an occasion a customer receives a wrong item, it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect all items upon receipt of a shipment and let us now within 48 hours. Please take a photo and send to us through email that you did receive a wrong item and we will replace to the right item upon the reception of the wrong item unopened and sealed.  We allow 48 hours from receipt of a shipment to report errors or problems with a shipment via phone or email (email is preferred because it provides a written record). We will not reimburse customers who use a wrong item.

OUT OF STOCK ITEMS: Due to the nature of our products, from time to time a product shown as in stock on our site will be out of stock when the order is processed. We will note this on the final, corrected invoice and refund the card on file. Out of stock items will not ship at a later date because new S&H could apply to the 2nd shipment, unless you request that we do so and you agree to pay any additional shipping costs. We are sorry for any inconvenience an out of stock situation may create for you, but such is the nature of our business.

PAYMENT METHODS: All major credit/debit cards and PayPal are accepted. No checks or money orders. Our site is completely secure. We do not accept purchase orders.

QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS: We offer pure and undiluted essential oils, vegetable oils and various other products and raw materials of the highest quality. The aroma and/or appearance of essential/vegetable oils may vary with each re-order, we cannot guarantee that the product you order today will look and smell exactly like the one you ordered previously or like the one you ordered from another supplier; all natural products come from nature and there is no standardization (the term natural is not currently recognized in the U.S. by any regulatory entity). The only products that should be the same all the time are synthetic fragrance and flavor oils and we do not well synthetic products. Our warehouse is fully air conditioned and the system runs 24/7. All our products are fresh; we replenish our stock with regularity as needed. Each order is prepared fresh, our products do not sit for months on a shelf pre-poured and pre-packaged. Essential oils do not go rancid. For a product to go rancid it must contain fat; essential oils do not contain fats.

Some customers may be accustomed to using synthetic fragrance oils instead of natural essential oils. When this customer receives an order of pure essential oils they may be disappointed that the essential oil does not smell the same as the synthetic fragrance oil. Some customers may have been ordering their essential oils from companies that do not specialize in essential oils as we do and the customer is then disappointed at the subtle nuances of each pure essential oil purchased from us. We are an essential oil supplier. Essential oils are impacted by what is known as its properties will vary from crop to crop, weather conditions will impact the color and aroma of an essential oil. Before a customer orders a large quantity of an essential oil, we suggest that a sample be obtained, all our sales are final. Please refer further below to the paragraph titled Samples.

REQUESTS YOU ENTER INTO THE ORDER FORM: We will use our discretion as to whether or not we will include your requests into the shipping label. Sometimes, requests such as ‘leave on porch if no one is home’ cannot be complied with because of the value of the shipment or because lye is included in the shipment. We will make a decision on what can and cannot be included on the shipping label and what fits on the label. Please note that the driver reserves the right to decide whether or not it is safe to leave a parcel unattended or without a signature and the driver may require a signature upon delivery even if we did not request a signature. If our clerk misses not following a customer’s instructions, all we can do is apologize for this error on our part.

RETURNS: All sales are final; we do not accept returns or cancellations. Before you finalize the order, please make sure you intend to order what you selected. Please click on the products to read descriptions for each product. We do not accept returns because a product is too thick or because you could not work with the product or for any other reason not related to a mistake at our end. The raw materials we offer are all natural and, as such, will vary in color, consistency and aroma from batch to batch and vendor to vendor. Please do not expect uniformity when ordering natural raw materials.

RUSH ORDERS: If you need an order rushed and shipped promptly, we offer a Rush Service for $20.00. All orders with Rush service applied which are placed before 7:30 a.m. EST/EDT should ship via UPS/FedEx the same day if the order is placed on a business day and will ship via UPS/FedEx the next business day if placed on a holiday, on a day we’re closed or on a weekend day. However, we cannot guarantee this service when situations beyond our control arise, i.e. our computer system is down, the shopping cart malfunctions the day we’re to process the order, etc. When this occurs, we’ll refund the fee you paid for Rush and ship your order under our normal turnaround time.

SMELLS AND AROMAS: Please note that every product that ships out of our warehouse will have one smell/aroma or another, , that’s the nature of our business. we suggest you first place a small order or an order for samples and see how you feel about the shipment upon arrival before you order a large quantity. Keep in mind that we do not accept returns under any circumstances; thus, we will not accept returns because you do not like the

TRACKING: A tracking number will be emailed to you directly from the USPS/ UPS/ FedEx servers once we ship. Please do not ask for a tracking number shortly after you place an order since it will not be available. If the order has not yet shipped, there is no tracking number available. Please make sure you provide a correctly-spelled email address; otherwise, you will not receive a tracking notice or any other notice we may have to send related to your order.

DISCLAIMER: While Nuday Aroma ( provides descriptions of its ingredients on its website, it cannot and will not guarantee the accuracy of information. It is the responsibility of the customer to conduct appropriate research on the use and safety of each item. The contents of our catalog and website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. By purchasing and using products sold by Nuday Aroma ( you agree that (1) you will not hold Nuday Aroma ( liable for any incident or complication which may result from improper storage and/or use or misuse of the products (2) you will assume all product liability for the final products/creations which you create with products purchased from Nuday Aroma ( (3) you understand that numerous essential oils, vegetable oils can be poisonous and/or fatal if ingested (4) products which may be dangerous or which may be ingested or inhaled by a child, a mentally handicapped person, the elderly or pets will be stored by you safely away from those persons or pets. The information provided on our site, as well as our descriptions, has been obtained from reliable online sources and books and personal knowledge and is being passed on to our customers for their review and further research. Nuday Aroma ( makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information. All our products are for external use only.

 Shipping Policies


ADDRESS PROBLEMS: If an order ships to the wrong address because of customer error, we may be able to have the carrier reroute the shipment if we are notified promptly. There will be a minimum $15 charge (by the carrier) for a rerouted shipment and this will be passed on to you. If the carrier is not able to reroute the shipment but you still want the order, we'll have to wait for the original package to arrive at our warehouse, affix a corrected label and charge new S&H which will then include the carrier's charge for having returned the package to us. If the carrier must correct the address, a minimum $15 charge will be applied to the order without previous notice to you. You are responsible for providing correct and clear shipping information.

The easiest way to order on our site and to avoid entering wrong information or misspellings is by creating an account. Once an account is created with correct information, the only other information you must enter for future orders is the payment information. Our system retains shipping/billing information, not payment information. Our site is completely secure; we do not sell or share your information

ADDRESS (BUSINESS OR RESIDENTIAL): Please select either of these choices as you proceed through checkout.

DAMAGED SHIPMENTS, MISSING/WRONG ITEMS, WRONG ZIP, ETC.: If the carrier delivers a parcel which is visibly damaged, crushed or wet, we suggest the delivery be refused. If, upon delivery, damaged items are found inside a box which appeared undamaged, we request that we be notified via email and that the carrier also be notified of the damage; the carrier may ask you to keep the box and the contents intact in case they wish to conduct an inspection.

Email notification of damages works best for us and you’ll have a written record. You should email Failure to notify us within 48 hours of receipt of a damaged shipment will void any claims made by you. We will do our best to ship promptly whatever was damaged in transit. If an item is missing from a shipment or if we sent the wrong item/size/etc., we must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of the shipment.

DELIVERY TIME: Most U.S. orders shipped via USPS/ UPS/FedEx Ground will be delivered 2 to 5 business days from ship date. Any delays while in transit to you are the responsibility of the carrier.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We ship worldwide. The customer is responsible for all import duties, brokerage fees and taxes upon arrival at the country of destination. Please note that hazardous materials regulations apply to any air or ocean shipment. We won't know exactly how much S&H charges will actually be until the order is packed and weighed. We will charge the card on file for any additional funds due us. If you paid via PayPal we will ask you to disburse additional funds required for us to ship, we do not accept cancellations because you do not agree with final S&H costs. Please make sure you fully understand our policies before ordering.

LOCAL ORDERS: Pick up option's not available, we’re not open to the public, and all orders placed will ship.

LOST SHIPMENTS: As soon as we're informed that a shipment may be lost or has not been delivered by the carrier, we will proceed to contact the carrier who will place a tracer on the package. The carrier asks that we allow 8 business days for a tracer to be completed. On numerous occasions a package has turned up before the 8 days are up. Please be advised that regardless of whatever upcoming function you may have for which the lost products are needed, we cannot replace a lost shipment using rush service unless the carrier authorizes us to process this type of shipment at its expense. All our shipments are insured. You might also want to read the paragraph titled signature upon delivery which appears further below.

POSTAL TRACKING: Please keep in mind that we choose the USPS carrier unless the customer chooses their preference carrier at their own account.

PRECAUTIONS: We will not be responsible for any empty or filled bottle which breaks or explodes after receipt. We recommend that none of our products be left in a hot car or in the sun as they will be affected and some might even explode. When the product leaves our warehouse they are in perfect condition with no cracks or breaks and we will send a photo through email to show the product and the address to get an approval of shipping. We take great care in packaging fragile items in order to prevent breakage while in transit to the customer. However, sometimes products such as glass bottles or glass jars or rigid plastic jars may develop hairline cracks during transit and when the customer fills them with liquids they notice that the jar or bottle may leak.

Should this occur, the customer needs to contact the carrier who delivered the package, initiate a claim and then notify us via email or fax so there's a written record of the problem. Once the claim has been approved by the carrier we can proceed to replace the items involved in the claim, not before. If too much time has elapsed since the package was delivered, the carrier may not honor the claim and this is why we strongly encourage all customers to go through their complete shipment upon delivery. All essential oils shipped in plastic containers should be transferred into amber glass upon arrival; it's not recommended that they be stored in plastic bottles or containers indefinitely.

PROCESSING TIME: Orders are logged in the next business day after they're placed. Orders received on Fridays, holidays, on days we’re closed or weekends are logged in the next business day. There are times when order processing may be additionally delayed due to an extremely high volume of orders, to holidays or to weather conditions; we appreciate your understanding when this occurs.

During very heavy periods, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, the months of September thru December, Mother's Day, as well as when we close during holidays or offer discount promotions, customers must allow additional days for an order to be processed and shipped; please plan your orders accordingly. We offer a Rush service which you may select upon checkout.

RETURNED ORDERS: Shipments returned to us by the carrier for any reason that’s not our fault will remain unopened for up to 15 days at our warehouse until you contact us or reply to our email and makes new delivery arrangements. You will also be responsible for return shipping costs to us by the carrier. As posted throughout our site and as you were informed during checkout, we do not accept/allow cancellations; therefore, a returned order will not be cancelled and will remain at our warehouse until the customer contacts us during the mentioned 15 days. After 15 days of the parcel being held at our warehouse, we will dismantle the shipment and mark the invoice “closed”. A refund will be issued based on all the terms explained in the REFUSED SHIPMENTS paragraph.

RUSH ORDERS: Should you require that your order be rushed and shipped sooner than our posted time, we may charge you $20 Rush option upon checkout. The cut-off time is 7:30 a.m. EST.

SHIPPING CHARGES: S&H are free for a purchase more that $40.00. S&H charges are not refundable. The shopping cart provides you with a fairly accurate estimate of S&H charges. Due to the nature of our products and the extra care we take in packing, S&H charges initially quoted by our cart may be too low if we find that we had to use several boxes or additional packing materials to properly pack the shipment; we will charge the difference in S&H to the card on file before the order ships. If you paid with PayPal, we will ask you to disburse the balance before we ship. We will not accept a cancellation for an order already packed because you do not agree with final S&H costs. We do not ship under the customer's FedEx or UPS account number, we ship under our own account numbers.

SIGNATURE UPON DELIVERY: We request a signature upon delivery for an order more than $200. If you don’t opt for a signature for a residential delivery, the carrier reserves the right to deny a claim if its records confirm the driver delivered an undamaged parcel to the correct address and the parcel was subsequently removed or damaged by a third, unknown party. The carrier will not honor a claim and neither will Nuday Aroma. Certain shipments will always require a signature (some PayPal orders, orders over $499.99 in products, etc.)

SIGNATURE REQUIREMENTS: All shipments (whether or not you chose and paid during signature for a signature upon delivery) with products valued over $499.99 will require a signature. If this is an inconvenience if you're not home during the day, perhaps we could ship to your place of business if you will provide this information at the same time you order; please include the name of the business. We require a signature on any shipment more than $200 of value. And so does the delivery driver. PAYPAL CUSTOMERS: All PayPal orders with a dollar amount of $500.00+ require a signature upon delivery based on PayPal policies. The cost for the signature requirement will be added manually to final S&H. If you owe us anything for S&H, we’ll notify you via a final invoice and via PayPal asking for disbursement of the additional funds

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